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Why Android App Development Cost is higher than iOS?

As we all know that Android and iOS are the leaders in the mobile OS world.

It is always a topic of battle in the blogs that why android apps development cost is higher as compared to iOS apps development. Here we, a premiere mobile app development company in India, have three parameters on that we find the reason for difference comes in the cost of Android and iOS app development.

Our Three Parameters:

Efforts in Coding
Hours of Work
Cost of Developers

Efforts in Coding:
When developing an app for the android platform, the developer says they need to put 45% more effort to write a code for the Android app as compared to the iOS app. By using IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Android Studio or Eclipse to write code, most of the code can be auto generated, but still there are lots of works to make it workable upon the need of a specific app.

Hours of Work:
As we know, to develop an app the developers write a bunch of Lines of Code (LoC) to make an app fully functional. If the time taken by a programmer to write a code is more, then obviously the complete cycle of app development automatically takes more time to deliver an app.

Because, the app development is not just limited to writing lines of code, even after writing a code for an app, there are further so many steps to be passed to finalize it as a fully optimized app, which must be error free, user friendly and run fast in the real devices.

Cost of Developer:
The popularity of the android apps is not hidden, with the rapid growth in the number of users of Android around the world, it is difficult for a limited number of developers to develop a large number of apps to serve a large number of Android users.

In a report, it is said that there will be requirement of 35% of more Android developers in the year 2016.

It means the competition for hiring the Android developer is too high, which directly influences the cost of Android app development.

Reason Behind the slow process of Android app development:
From the above parameters, it is clear that it’s a costly deal to develop an app for Android devices as compared to the iOS devices.

But another question is why it is a slow process?

The answer is here, there are basically three reasons behind it.
Just more code- The programming language used to develop android app is Java which is more expansive language in comparison with Objective-C and C, which is used to develop the apps for iOS.

Emulators are slower- After developing an app it is required to test it in a simulator to make it bug-free before running it on the real mobile devices. For that we need a simulator, and if you’re ever run an app in the simulator provided in Android IDE (Android Studio or Eclipse), you may have noticed that it takes so much time to install an app in the simulator and run it in that as compared to the iOS Simulator.

XML lay out- To make an app more attractive and user-friendly, the layout plays an important role. Laying out an Android app is primarily written manually in XML, which means we can’t see it instantly. While developing an app for iOS, we can instantly see what layout we are designing for an app side by-side in the IDE (Xcode IDE) during writing the XML code for layout.

Future Trends
Till now the programming for Android app is not so easy compared to iOS Programming, but in the future Android programming might be better, with the continuous update in the Android Official IDE (Android Studio), which simplifies the way of programming to develop Android app.

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