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Future of Game Development

Game, this single word pumps the excitement in the kids, and not only the kids, even most of the young age people love to play games. There was a time when kids were waiting for their summer vacation to play the video games.

As the time passed, the platform and the way of playing video games has changed. Now there are plenty of platforms for playing games and unlimited numbers of game options. This has created a great way for mobile game development companies to build and grow their business.

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the gaming world :
It is not wrong to say that in the past, people in India were not taking the gaming seriously. But now the time has changed, in last 5 years, the number of gamers in India has increased rapidly, and it is a good news for mobile game developers, to develop more and more games for the gamers and take their business to a new level. Now in India, there are many companies who constantly focusing on developing games which are full of art, design, and technology. Also, now the number of gaming institutes are also rapidly increasing to provide a learning platform for game enthusiasts and it is a good news.

Future of Game Development
Past and Present gaming world:
Nowadays, playing video games has totally changed. If we talk about the past, that time the video gaming was not that much interactive compared to present time. But the question is what’s next?

As a premiere mobile and game development company in India and USA, we are so excited to give the answer to this question.

In the future, while playing video games on the game console, you won’t just play it, you will be able to feel it. Yes, you heard it right, now the game developers are not just focusing on developing games, moreover, they are bringing out concepts that could give real-time gaming experience.

Their focus is to maximize the player’s experience with graphics, audio, physical interactions, and networking, which gives a user a totally unmatched experienced like never before. In the future, while playing a battle game, you won’t just move the player’s body, you will also be able to feel that motion and the feeling of getting attacked by your enemy while playing it.

The combination of physics and computer science will turn into the result of a game with a real-life experience that matches the physical aspects of kinetic energy, life-like sound, and the collaboration of networking to play it with your friends and families to make it more excited.

Benefits for game developers in future:
We all know that if the number of users of anything increase, the number of its providers also increases. The same theory applies for game development and game developers. Now playing a game is not just limited to any particular device as in the past, now you can play games on your smartphone, tablet, PC or game consoles, which doesn’t matter what operating system you are using like Android, iOS, and Windows. This is expected to open a huge opportunity for Android and iOS app development companies.

So, from all of the above discussion, one thing you will definitely understand is that the future of mobile game development is so bright and more excited like never before.

So, get ready to develop or play more amazing games with more amazing gaming technologies.

KEEP Gaming!!!

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Steps in Mobile App development

What do you think how many apps are there in Google Play Store in today’s date?

More Than 1.9 Million!!!

Can you believe it?

Recently in a report, it is said that the Google Play Store now has nearly 2 million applications listed in their store.

By these stats, we can easily understand the importance of mobile apps as well as its development process. With the increase of mobile app users, there are also a huge demand for Android, iOS and Blackberry app development company.
Developing an app is not an easy task, it includes a complete mobile app development life cycle, by following which we get a mobile app which should be fully compatible with the multiple devices and meet client’s requirements. As a premiere mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, we explain you mobile app development process with 6 steps it includes:
What are the Things Mobile App Development Process IncludesMobile App Development Process Steps:
Strategy- First of all, you need to find the reason for developing an app, why there is a need to develop an app. To get where you are going, you have to know where you are. Same thing applies to the mobile app development process. Firstly, collect all the information regarding the mobile app which includes its specifications, clients’ requirement, and targeted users.

Design- After gathering all the client’s requirements and app specifications with a strategic plan, it’s time to move to the next phase which is design phase. In this phase, one of the most important points is to focus on the layout of the app. How a user will interact with the app, it means the user can use it on a smartphone as well as on a tablet (if required). So, the design of an app should fully be compatible with both devices. Based on the target user and type of app, the design should be. For example: – if we are going to develop an app for a school, then its interface and layout are not so bold and its layout must be relevant to education.

Development- We can call this phase one of the most important parts of the development cycle. In this phase, the actual app gets movements and all its functionalities start working. Whatever we want from an app to perform, all of its coding have been done here. Before starting development, one thing that we must keep in our mind is that we are developing an app for cross-platform or for a specific one. Based on this decision, we can easily choose our IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Each IDE has some advantages and disadvantages, for instance, iOS apps (built using Xcode) are so much faster as compared to another platform app.

Testing: In this phase of mobile app development, the app is tested for different bugs and errors. In testing, two types are there; one is manual testing and another is automatic testing, based on the requirements we can choose any of them. There are some popular testing software such as iPhoney, MobiOne and Google Android Emulator. By using all of these tools we can develop an app which is free from any type of errors, and run smoothly in the real devices.

Marketing- As we already discussed in the above paragraph that there are nearly 2 Million mobile apps in Play Store, then why a user needs our app, what is the new features in this app, which are not present in all previous ones. We all know that many apps released daily on the internet, then how a user will able to know that your app is going to be released and it has many amazing features. A solution for all these problems is marketing, by using various marketing techniques such as SMO (Social Media Marketing), Blog outreach, Email outreach etc.

Maintenance & Updating- After successfully developing an app, our responsibility won’t get finished. In the era of technology, every day there is something new for all of us. To engage your customer with your app, you must provide updates based on current technology market or other competitors. As well as, in the future if some technical issue will raise in your app then you must solve it to make your app run smoothly.

It is not wrong to say that mobile apps are changing our technology experience and increasing challenges for the developers to constantly develop best apps for the users. By following all these five phases while developing an app, you will definitely be able to develop user engaging apps.

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