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How to Create a Strategy for Mobile Game Development?

There is no doubt that now gamers love technically fascinated mobile games which are not just richer in user interface but also with the logical stories. According to a report, the mobile game revenue of Asia’s continent will increase from $29B to $45B by 2018.

It is the indication of the humongous growth in the mobile game development industry and a profitable sign for the mobile game development companies. It is also a positive indication for game aspirants, but the question is how to create a strategy for mobile game development”.

How to Create a Strategy for Mobile Game Development

Michael Porter said, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Let’s see the strategic Plan!!!

Choose a Storyline
The first thing which comes into mind while thinking about game development for mobile phones is an Interesting Game Storyline which don’t just excites users but also gives them a pleasure of playing. After deciding the game’s storyline, the next thing is the target users for whom you are creating a game.

But nowadays we are seeing an increased preference for simple mobile games by gamers. The best example is one of the clutter-free as well as famous game of the recent times “Angry Birds” which has not just created number of records in the gaming world, it also emerged as a brand, which turned itself into a multi-billion asset. The recent release “The Angry Birds” movie by Columbia Pictures based on the game is a good example of its popularity in the market. It is easy to understand that now the mobile game users don’t want complex games, which makes them feel irritated to score more and rub head while playing it.

Choose Platform(s)
Now, after plotting a storyline and deciding a target audience, the next thing is the development platform which includes the technologies and frameworks to develop the game. Firstly, you should be clear about the platform for which you want to build the game, which means you are developing a game for a specific Mobile OS or for many OS.

Choose Game Format
If you are a beginner to the game development field, then 2D game is the best way to start it and if you are already familiar with it then you should go for the next level, i.e. 3D game, where you will be able to build a truly highly graphics game for the unmatched user experience.

After the successful development of a game, push it into the gamers’ world that is to release it in the app stores such as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

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Past, Present & Future of Mobile Game Development

If I ask you a question that, “Are you using your phone only to just make voice calls”, then you will surely laugh and reply “NO”, nowadays you are not just using your mobile to make a call, you can browse the internet, purchase grocery items and even pay your Starbucks Coffee Bill, as well as playing games while you get bored. When it comes to gaming, mobile is the first preference of all age people, mobile game development is the first preference of all gaming companies.

Past, Present & Future of Mobile Game Development
Mobile Games Yesterday
On April 3, 1973, Motorola was the first company to build a mobile phone. At that time, nobody in the world would have imagined about playing games in the mobile phone. As mobile became an integral part of everyone’s life, even gaming took a place in that. Before the innovation of mobile games, people were preferring outdoor and indoor games more.

As the technology expanded its wings, the way of playing games also got changed. The first mobile games introduced in the history of mobile games were the mobile version of Tetris on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device in the year 1994, and Snake on Nokia in 1997.

In the early days of mobile games, the hardware of it was not much capable to support rich graphic games, and battery to run that game was also a problem, which is still a problem…………)

At that time it was just an another feature of the mobile phone, no one even thought that one day this feature will become a multi-billion dollar industry, and create a huge platform for mobile game developers as well as for mobile game development companies.

Mobile Games Today
The concept of mobile games totally changed with the smartphone introduced. With the robust hardware, smartphone is capable of supporting heavy game processing to create an interactive game interface for the user. We saw considerable changes in the gaming industry that were done through extreme R&D steps and market analysis. Smartphones are coming with better software and hardware functionalities with each generation.

We can understand the popularity of mobile games by the fact that there are billions of games in the Google’s Play Store. Now game users are not just limited to play games alone in their device, with the help of modern network technology, now it is possible to play games with their friends and families simultaneously, which makes it so much excited.

Game categories we have now:

  • Combat Games
  • Racing games
  • Detective Games
  • Sports Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Survival Games
  • Educational games (the list goes so long…………………)

Mobile Games Tomorrow
The future is always full of excitement, and the future of mobile games would also come with unmatched and excited futuristic technologies to make the gaming fully interactive and excited.

Now mobile game development companies think to break the physical barrier of games by using sensation technologies, in which the player not just plays it, but also feel the same physical movements while playing a combat game. Yes, this will be possible by making a perfect blend of physics and computer science to make gaming more realistic.

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