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Points need to keep in mind while developing a logistic app

If you are planning to develop a logistics app, consider reading this first!

In today’s tech-powered world, adopting enterprise mobility solutions for your business is not an optional advantage now it is an absolute necessity. When it comes to logistics business, it encompasses a large number of vehicles and their drivers to deliver the consignments from one place to another. And to manage all this complete logistic system is not a piece of cake. In making logistic business reliable and productive, mobility solutions are playing a crucial role today.

Nowadays, drivers, facility managers and service technicians are powered with mobile devices and app, which helps them significantly in their work, for instance, it includes proof of delivery apps, turn-by-turn navigation apps and vehicle inspection apps. On the other hand, the customer is also able to track the real time position of the vehicle with the company’s logistic app and do so much stuff from that which includes online payment, customer’s feedback and round the clock support.

But the sad part is not all the logistic businesses are successful in deploying the mobility in a right way. According to the App Tech news, most of the logistics businesses are just using a small portion of their enterprise mobility solutions in the mobile devices, which are not able to solve their pain points. This is one of the reasons, why most of logistics mobile projects only deliver “average or poor” returns on investment.

Now the question is, what is the solution for this problem?

Now here are FuGenX Technologies, a premiere company of mobile apps development services in India, explain how to bring mobility to your business. Instead of just transforming the desktop software into a mobile app, logistics firms need such an app which understand their workflows as well as it is able to facilitate mobility operations such as making the drivers and managers easily send reports to backend operation team directly from the road or quickly contact the back office in a case of an emergency by just taping on the app. FuGenX helped PRAXAIR, US$ 12 billion company, to reduce their invoice billing cycle up to 7200%.

To bring the mobility factor to a logistic app, here are three aspects that logistic firms should demand from their mobile app developers to take the full advantage of mobility from an app:

Easy to use:
The logistics mobile app should be easy to use and help employees to get done their task easily than ever before without frustration. This means the app should be able to solve the specific problem with easy to use interface. Apart from this, logistics firms need mobile apps that can support a wide range of technologies like Internet of Things and be able to scan and read NFC and RFID chips as well as able to insert images of documents, objects or barcodes.

It is not possible to collect all the mobile app data and save it in the mobile, it is not an easy task as well as not sounds practical. The mobile app should be flexible to easily synchronize the data with the database remotely and upload all the information from the mobile device to the server machine. This not only ensures the app reliability, but it also ensures that administrators who are working at backend get rich user experience, and they don’t need to any paperwork.

Offline Support:
We are living in the world of technology where we are connected with each other 24/7, but despite this, there is a chance of breakdown. The logistic app should also be able to support offline when there is no network at all. The app should be able to save the information entered while the app was offline and upload it to the server when it comes in the network.

Always remember that successful ratio of an app depends on the tasks performed by it with ease of usability.

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How Cloud Computing is transforming the Automotive Industry?

iPhone apps companiesEvery industry is taking the advantage of technology to move one step ahead. The automotive industry is not far behind in taking the benefits of the basket of technological innovations from time to time. The best example for this is Google’s “Self-Driving Car”, to make this impossible thing possible, the role of technology was remarkable. This is all possible because of the facility to transfer real-time data and its real-time processing with the help of Cloud computing.

Cloud Computing and its role in Automotive Industry:
Cloud Computing is a method of data storage in online platforms and the data is processed by using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet in real-time. Traditionally, all industries stored their data on their personal devices and to use that for any computing tasks, they were fully dependent on their own IT infrastructure, but now the time has changed, it is time for adopting the all new Cloud Computing. When our data is on other devices that is far away from our reach, then it is so important that it is in safe place and accessible all the time whenever we need it. Cloud Computing is reliable in this case.

As we know that now automotive industry uses all the latest technology in their vehicles to make them safe and secure, as well as fully high technology to provide unmatched experience for their consumers. With the adoption of Cloud Computing, many global automotive companies have seen a considerable difference in their business operations and customer experience.

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Now we will discuss the areas where the cloud computing is helping the automotive industry:

Cost reduction:
There is no doubt that managing your own on-site IT infrastructure is not so easy and it is very expensive as well, you have to keep all the infrastructure up to date which included hardware and software to smoothly run the entire IT system. With the help of cloud computing, all these things can be managed by a third party firm which stores your data in the cloud platform and keep the data up to date. It saves the cost considerably that you spend for labour, power consumption and hardware repair and depreciation.

Automotive sector’s complex needs:
Compared to any other manufacturing department, the requirements of the automotive industry is typical because of its need of complex engineering simulations, analytics, data and the bunch of information pertaining to dealer networks. It is so hard to get fulfilled all these needs by the on-site IT infrastructure, the solution for this is again cloud computing. With the help of the super-fast servers which are fully dedicated to provide very fast data processing, Cloud computing saves lots of time, as well as efforts that are put to maintain hardware and software infrastructure.

Cabin Systems:
Now a days, a car is not only a vehicle which everyone is using to go from one place to another, rather the car is featured up with GPS system to find the directions where you want to go or to track the current location of your car in case it is driven by someone else. Apart from this, to kill boredom, customers are expecting advanced entertainment system in the car. With the help of cloud computing, you can easily meet up all these requirements. In addition to this, to get real time traffic situation, it requires uninterrupted and on-demand readiness of system. Cloud helps you to get it fulfilled.
Low Risk-rate and High Security-rate:
With the success of any technology, the two things are so important, one is that it must be highly secure, and have a low risk rate. With cloud computing, you can get round the clock support from the dedicated staff to take care of the systems and its security. As well as the risk of failures, hacks and any type of technical breakdowns can also be reduced with Cloud services. Not only this, the cloud experts also ensure you provide the cutting edge technology to improve the cloud’s performance.

Ensure security during natural disasters:
One thing all of us can agree is whatever the data we store on the internet is safe as compared to the data stored in our personal devices. Imagine a situation, if all the important data of the organization are stored in the company’s network of hardware or servers, if cyclone, storm or earthquake hits the area, there is a possibility that all the data could be destroyed. Cloud computing is a perfect solution to avoid this. Even during any natural disaster, your data stays safe and intact in the cloud.

With all these above discussed points, it is very clear that by using cloud computing in your automotive business, you don’t not just keep your valuable data safe and secure, as well as you keep enhancing your workforce efficiency and business performance.

Looking to adopt cloud computing to your automotive business?

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How Mobile App Can Transform Insurance Industry?

The footstep of mobile technology is everywhere, it is not just limited to one specific area. We are using mobile devices and technology in every part of our life, from making a call to buying a ne…

Source: How Mobile App Can Transform Insurance Industry?

How Mobile App Can Transform Insurance Industry?

The footstep of mobile technology is everywhere, it is not just limited to one specific area. We are using mobile devices and technology in every part of our life, from making a call to buying a new home, it’s everywhere. There is no doubt that mobile tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries of all time and to make this happen, the role of mobile apps is on the top. It creates a plethora of opportunities for mobile and iOS apps development company India and its customers like insurance companies, and retailers, etc. Now a day’s people have dedicated apps for all of their needs. Then why not the insurance companies take its advantage to make their services more reliable and effective.

How Mobile Technology Can Transform the Insurance Industry

As compared to all other industries, the insurance industry is lagging behind to adopt the technological changes to their business. But it’s not late to take your first step, so ready to move to adopt mobile technology, and include mobile solutions as a key component of your business. According to the survey, there will be more than 20 billion connected devices by the end of 2020, and these stats are enough to predict the future of mobile technology, where insurance companies could easily achieve the first mover advantage.

Today, mobile is a top strategic focus area for insurance companies, with the help of the mobile app, the insurance companies can easily connect with their customers to make them aware about the new policies and for easy claim settlement procedures. By using mobile applications, insurance industry can tackle the current challenges in controlling the costs, reducing the risks, increasing the productivity and customer experience.

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Let’s come back to the topic, below are the three ways by which the insurance companies can grow their business and deliver a better customer experience with the help of mobile app:

Competitive Advantage:
There is no single area where no competition exists, and the insurance industry is also not exception of that. Now a days, all giant insurance firms like Zurich Financial, Max Life Insurance and GEICO have already launched their apps to achieve the maximum user engagement, and even small insurance firms as well. In the busy life, no one has time to visit insurance firm and look for various policies, instead of this they want to check out all the policies through their mobile phones.

Understand the power of mobile applications with this survey, according to this, “Three in every five searches for insurance services across the world are coming through mobile”.

Customer Engagement:
One of the most important tasks for every single industry is keeping their customers engaged. It is so facile with the help of mobile apps, which provide a platform to keep your customer engaged with you, by providing them what they need. With the mobile app, customers are now able to report theft or accidents quickly, make claims, or seek any information they require, with just a single click. Now the companies are realizing how important an app is for their business to hold existing policy holders as well as to attract new customers.

Simplify Claims Process:
This is an area where every single policy holder gets stuck, as we all know that the claiming process (a time consuming process) takes so much time, but with the help of mobile app you can improve the overall efficiency of handling claims by 25-30%, by making the claim process online and updating the policy holders in every step of claiming process.

By adopting the mobile technology, you won’t just provide a better customer experience, at the same time you’ll also reduce the workload of your staff in claiming process and in providing information regarding a policy to the customers. This will help them to focus on other areas to make services more productive.

So, don’t just think to create an app for your insurance firm, just do it!!! It could take your business to the new heights of success.

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