How Mobile App Can Transform Insurance Industry?

The footstep of mobile technology is everywhere, it is not just limited to one specific area. We are using mobile devices and technology in every part of our life, from making a call to buying a new home, it’s everywhere. There is no doubt that mobile tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries of all time and to make this happen, the role of mobile apps is on the top. It creates a plethora of opportunities for mobile and iOS apps development company India and its customers like insurance companies, and retailers, etc. Now a day’s people have dedicated apps for all of their needs. Then why not the insurance companies take its advantage to make their services more reliable and effective.

How Mobile Technology Can Transform the Insurance Industry

As compared to all other industries, the insurance industry is lagging behind to adopt the technological changes to their business. But it’s not late to take your first step, so ready to move to adopt mobile technology, and include mobile solutions as a key component of your business. According to the survey, there will be more than 20 billion connected devices by the end of 2020, and these stats are enough to predict the future of mobile technology, where insurance companies could easily achieve the first mover advantage.

Today, mobile is a top strategic focus area for insurance companies, with the help of the mobile app, the insurance companies can easily connect with their customers to make them aware about the new policies and for easy claim settlement procedures. By using mobile applications, insurance industry can tackle the current challenges in controlling the costs, reducing the risks, increasing the productivity and customer experience.

Few seconds divert: FuGenX Technologies, a leading company to provide mobile app development services in India and USA for retailers, insurance industry and other industries. Apart from mobile app development, FuGenX is also a recognized name in mobile game development. You can later consider them to adopt mobile technology for your insurance business.

Let’s come back to the topic, below are the three ways by which the insurance companies can grow their business and deliver a better customer experience with the help of mobile app:

Competitive Advantage:
There is no single area where no competition exists, and the insurance industry is also not exception of that. Now a days, all giant insurance firms like Zurich Financial, Max Life Insurance and GEICO have already launched their apps to achieve the maximum user engagement, and even small insurance firms as well. In the busy life, no one has time to visit insurance firm and look for various policies, instead of this they want to check out all the policies through their mobile phones.

Understand the power of mobile applications with this survey, according to this, “Three in every five searches for insurance services across the world are coming through mobile”.

Customer Engagement:
One of the most important tasks for every single industry is keeping their customers engaged. It is so facile with the help of mobile apps, which provide a platform to keep your customer engaged with you, by providing them what they need. With the mobile app, customers are now able to report theft or accidents quickly, make claims, or seek any information they require, with just a single click. Now the companies are realizing how important an app is for their business to hold existing policy holders as well as to attract new customers.

Simplify Claims Process:
This is an area where every single policy holder gets stuck, as we all know that the claiming process (a time consuming process) takes so much time, but with the help of mobile app you can improve the overall efficiency of handling claims by 25-30%, by making the claim process online and updating the policy holders in every step of claiming process.

By adopting the mobile technology, you won’t just provide a better customer experience, at the same time you’ll also reduce the workload of your staff in claiming process and in providing information regarding a policy to the customers. This will help them to focus on other areas to make services more productive.

So, don’t just think to create an app for your insurance firm, just do it!!! It could take your business to the new heights of success.

Have a plan to develop a mobile app for your insurance company?
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