Points need to keep in mind while developing a logistic app

If you are planning to develop a logistics app, consider reading this first!

In today’s tech-powered world, adopting enterprise mobility solutions for your business is not an optional advantage now it is an absolute necessity. When it comes to logistics business, it encompasses a large number of vehicles and their drivers to deliver the consignments from one place to another. And to manage all this complete logistic system is not a piece of cake. In making logistic business reliable and productive, mobility solutions are playing a crucial role today.

Nowadays, drivers, facility managers and service technicians are powered with mobile devices and app, which helps them significantly in their work, for instance, it includes proof of delivery apps, turn-by-turn navigation apps and vehicle inspection apps. On the other hand, the customer is also able to track the real time position of the vehicle with the company’s logistic app and do so much stuff from that which includes online payment, customer’s feedback and round the clock support.

But the sad part is not all the logistic businesses are successful in deploying the mobility in a right way. According to the App Tech news, most of the logistics businesses are just using a small portion of their enterprise mobility solutions in the mobile devices, which are not able to solve their pain points. This is one of the reasons, why most of logistics mobile projects only deliver “average or poor” returns on investment.

Now the question is, what is the solution for this problem?

Now here are FuGenX Technologies, a premiere company of mobile apps development services in India, explain how to bring mobility to your business. Instead of just transforming the desktop software into a mobile app, logistics firms need such an app which understand their workflows as well as it is able to facilitate mobility operations such as making the drivers and managers easily send reports to backend operation team directly from the road or quickly contact the back office in a case of an emergency by just taping on the app. FuGenX helped PRAXAIR, US$ 12 billion company, to reduce their invoice billing cycle up to 7200%.

To bring the mobility factor to a logistic app, here are three aspects that logistic firms should demand from their mobile app developers to take the full advantage of mobility from an app:

Easy to use:
The logistics mobile app should be easy to use and help employees to get done their task easily than ever before without frustration. This means the app should be able to solve the specific problem with easy to use interface. Apart from this, logistics firms need mobile apps that can support a wide range of technologies like Internet of Things and be able to scan and read NFC and RFID chips as well as able to insert images of documents, objects or barcodes.

It is not possible to collect all the mobile app data and save it in the mobile, it is not an easy task as well as not sounds practical. The mobile app should be flexible to easily synchronize the data with the database remotely and upload all the information from the mobile device to the server machine. This not only ensures the app reliability, but it also ensures that administrators who are working at backend get rich user experience, and they don’t need to any paperwork.

Offline Support:
We are living in the world of technology where we are connected with each other 24/7, but despite this, there is a chance of breakdown. The logistic app should also be able to support offline when there is no network at all. The app should be able to save the information entered while the app was offline and upload it to the server when it comes in the network.

Always remember that successful ratio of an app depends on the tasks performed by it with ease of usability.

Have a Plan to Develop a Logistic App for Your Business?
If you are looking for an app which can make your logistic operations hassle-free, FuGenX will help you by providing logistics mobile app development services as per your business needs. FuGenX Technologies is an award winning and one of the world’s fastest growing logistics mobility companies in India and USA, with experience of developing more than 1000+ apps for SMBs and large-sized logistics enterprises. FuGenX is also a leading name in the field of Android and iPhone apps development India. FuGenX also offers mobile game development services for logistics businesses to increase productivity. FuGenX has highly skilled and experienced mobile and iPad game developers to build user engaging games.

To enquire about your logistics app requirement or to know more about FuGenX, visit www.fugenx.com.


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