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Points need to keep in mind while developing a logistic app

If you are planning to develop a logistics app, consider reading this first!

In today’s tech-powered world, adopting enterprise mobility solutions for your business is not an optional advantage now it is an absolute necessity. When it comes to logistics business, it encompasses a large number of vehicles and their drivers to deliver the consignments from one place to another. And to manage all this complete logistic system is not a piece of cake. In making logistic business reliable and productive, mobility solutions are playing a crucial role today.

Nowadays, drivers, facility managers and service technicians are powered with mobile devices and app, which helps them significantly in their work, for instance, it includes proof of delivery apps, turn-by-turn navigation apps and vehicle inspection apps. On the other hand, the customer is also able to track the real time position of the vehicle with the company’s logistic app and do so much stuff from that which includes online payment, customer’s feedback and round the clock support.

But the sad part is not all the logistic businesses are successful in deploying the mobility in a right way. According to the App Tech news, most of the logistics businesses are just using a small portion of their enterprise mobility solutions in the mobile devices, which are not able to solve their pain points. This is one of the reasons, why most of logistics mobile projects only deliver “average or poor” returns on investment.

Now the question is, what is the solution for this problem?

Now here are FuGenX Technologies, a premiere company of mobile apps development services in India, explain how to bring mobility to your business. Instead of just transforming the desktop software into a mobile app, logistics firms need such an app which understand their workflows as well as it is able to facilitate mobility operations such as making the drivers and managers easily send reports to backend operation team directly from the road or quickly contact the back office in a case of an emergency by just taping on the app. FuGenX helped PRAXAIR, US$ 12 billion company, to reduce their invoice billing cycle up to 7200%.

To bring the mobility factor to a logistic app, here are three aspects that logistic firms should demand from their mobile app developers to take the full advantage of mobility from an app:

Easy to use:
The logistics mobile app should be easy to use and help employees to get done their task easily than ever before without frustration. This means the app should be able to solve the specific problem with easy to use interface. Apart from this, logistics firms need mobile apps that can support a wide range of technologies like Internet of Things and be able to scan and read NFC and RFID chips as well as able to insert images of documents, objects or barcodes.

It is not possible to collect all the mobile app data and save it in the mobile, it is not an easy task as well as not sounds practical. The mobile app should be flexible to easily synchronize the data with the database remotely and upload all the information from the mobile device to the server machine. This not only ensures the app reliability, but it also ensures that administrators who are working at backend get rich user experience, and they don’t need to any paperwork.

Offline Support:
We are living in the world of technology where we are connected with each other 24/7, but despite this, there is a chance of breakdown. The logistic app should also be able to support offline when there is no network at all. The app should be able to save the information entered while the app was offline and upload it to the server when it comes in the network.

Always remember that successful ratio of an app depends on the tasks performed by it with ease of usability.

Have a Plan to Develop a Logistic App for Your Business?
If you are looking for an app which can make your logistic operations hassle-free, FuGenX will help you by providing logistics mobile app development services as per your business needs. FuGenX Technologies is an award winning and one of the world’s fastest growing logistics mobility companies in India and USA, with experience of developing more than 1000+ apps for SMBs and large-sized logistics enterprises. FuGenX is also a leading name in the field of Android and iPhone apps development India. FuGenX also offers mobile game development services for logistics businesses to increase productivity. FuGenX has highly skilled and experienced mobile and iPad game developers to build user engaging games.

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How Cloud Computing is transforming the Automotive Industry?

iPhone apps companiesEvery industry is taking the advantage of technology to move one step ahead. The automotive industry is not far behind in taking the benefits of the basket of technological innovations from time to time. The best example for this is Google’s “Self-Driving Car”, to make this impossible thing possible, the role of technology was remarkable. This is all possible because of the facility to transfer real-time data and its real-time processing with the help of Cloud computing.

Cloud Computing and its role in Automotive Industry:
Cloud Computing is a method of data storage in online platforms and the data is processed by using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet in real-time. Traditionally, all industries stored their data on their personal devices and to use that for any computing tasks, they were fully dependent on their own IT infrastructure, but now the time has changed, it is time for adopting the all new Cloud Computing. When our data is on other devices that is far away from our reach, then it is so important that it is in safe place and accessible all the time whenever we need it. Cloud Computing is reliable in this case.

As we know that now automotive industry uses all the latest technology in their vehicles to make them safe and secure, as well as fully high technology to provide unmatched experience for their consumers. With the adoption of Cloud Computing, many global automotive companies have seen a considerable difference in their business operations and customer experience.

Few seconds divert: FuGenX, a leading name in providing best mobile apps development services in India and USA for all challenging industries. Apart from app development services, FuGenX is also one of the fastest growing Android and iOS apps development companies India. You can later consider them to adopt mobility and cloud computing to your automotive business.

Now we will discuss the areas where the cloud computing is helping the automotive industry:

Cost reduction:
There is no doubt that managing your own on-site IT infrastructure is not so easy and it is very expensive as well, you have to keep all the infrastructure up to date which included hardware and software to smoothly run the entire IT system. With the help of cloud computing, all these things can be managed by a third party firm which stores your data in the cloud platform and keep the data up to date. It saves the cost considerably that you spend for labour, power consumption and hardware repair and depreciation.

Automotive sector’s complex needs:
Compared to any other manufacturing department, the requirements of the automotive industry is typical because of its need of complex engineering simulations, analytics, data and the bunch of information pertaining to dealer networks. It is so hard to get fulfilled all these needs by the on-site IT infrastructure, the solution for this is again cloud computing. With the help of the super-fast servers which are fully dedicated to provide very fast data processing, Cloud computing saves lots of time, as well as efforts that are put to maintain hardware and software infrastructure.

Cabin Systems:
Now a days, a car is not only a vehicle which everyone is using to go from one place to another, rather the car is featured up with GPS system to find the directions where you want to go or to track the current location of your car in case it is driven by someone else. Apart from this, to kill boredom, customers are expecting advanced entertainment system in the car. With the help of cloud computing, you can easily meet up all these requirements. In addition to this, to get real time traffic situation, it requires uninterrupted and on-demand readiness of system. Cloud helps you to get it fulfilled.
Low Risk-rate and High Security-rate:
With the success of any technology, the two things are so important, one is that it must be highly secure, and have a low risk rate. With cloud computing, you can get round the clock support from the dedicated staff to take care of the systems and its security. As well as the risk of failures, hacks and any type of technical breakdowns can also be reduced with Cloud services. Not only this, the cloud experts also ensure you provide the cutting edge technology to improve the cloud’s performance.

Ensure security during natural disasters:
One thing all of us can agree is whatever the data we store on the internet is safe as compared to the data stored in our personal devices. Imagine a situation, if all the important data of the organization are stored in the company’s network of hardware or servers, if cyclone, storm or earthquake hits the area, there is a possibility that all the data could be destroyed. Cloud computing is a perfect solution to avoid this. Even during any natural disaster, your data stays safe and intact in the cloud.

With all these above discussed points, it is very clear that by using cloud computing in your automotive business, you don’t not just keep your valuable data safe and secure, as well as you keep enhancing your workforce efficiency and business performance.

Looking to adopt cloud computing to your automotive business?

If you are thinking to adopt cloud computing, FuGenX helps you. FuGenX is a premiere cloud computing and mobility company in India and USA. FuGenX develops apps to streamline your business process with the power of cloud computing. FuGenX Technologies is a futuristic technology company, providing enterprise mobility solutions in India and USA. It is one of the top 10 mobile app development companies in India with the experience of developing more than 1000+ apps for global customers. Apart from mobile apps, FuGenX is also a recognized name in the mobile game development field. It has highly skilled mobile game developers to build fully user-engaging and attractive games.

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How Mobile App Can Transform Insurance Industry?

The footstep of mobile technology is everywhere, it is not just limited to one specific area. We are using mobile devices and technology in every part of our life, from making a call to buying a new home, it’s everywhere. There is no doubt that mobile tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries of all time and to make this happen, the role of mobile apps is on the top. It creates a plethora of opportunities for mobile and iOS apps development company India and its customers like insurance companies, and retailers, etc. Now a day’s people have dedicated apps for all of their needs. Then why not the insurance companies take its advantage to make their services more reliable and effective.

How Mobile Technology Can Transform the Insurance Industry

As compared to all other industries, the insurance industry is lagging behind to adopt the technological changes to their business. But it’s not late to take your first step, so ready to move to adopt mobile technology, and include mobile solutions as a key component of your business. According to the survey, there will be more than 20 billion connected devices by the end of 2020, and these stats are enough to predict the future of mobile technology, where insurance companies could easily achieve the first mover advantage.

Today, mobile is a top strategic focus area for insurance companies, with the help of the mobile app, the insurance companies can easily connect with their customers to make them aware about the new policies and for easy claim settlement procedures. By using mobile applications, insurance industry can tackle the current challenges in controlling the costs, reducing the risks, increasing the productivity and customer experience.

Few seconds divert: FuGenX Technologies, a leading company to provide mobile app development services in India and USA for retailers, insurance industry and other industries. Apart from mobile app development, FuGenX is also a recognized name in mobile game development. You can later consider them to adopt mobile technology for your insurance business.

Let’s come back to the topic, below are the three ways by which the insurance companies can grow their business and deliver a better customer experience with the help of mobile app:

Competitive Advantage:
There is no single area where no competition exists, and the insurance industry is also not exception of that. Now a days, all giant insurance firms like Zurich Financial, Max Life Insurance and GEICO have already launched their apps to achieve the maximum user engagement, and even small insurance firms as well. In the busy life, no one has time to visit insurance firm and look for various policies, instead of this they want to check out all the policies through their mobile phones.

Understand the power of mobile applications with this survey, according to this, “Three in every five searches for insurance services across the world are coming through mobile”.

Customer Engagement:
One of the most important tasks for every single industry is keeping their customers engaged. It is so facile with the help of mobile apps, which provide a platform to keep your customer engaged with you, by providing them what they need. With the mobile app, customers are now able to report theft or accidents quickly, make claims, or seek any information they require, with just a single click. Now the companies are realizing how important an app is for their business to hold existing policy holders as well as to attract new customers.

Simplify Claims Process:
This is an area where every single policy holder gets stuck, as we all know that the claiming process (a time consuming process) takes so much time, but with the help of mobile app you can improve the overall efficiency of handling claims by 25-30%, by making the claim process online and updating the policy holders in every step of claiming process.

By adopting the mobile technology, you won’t just provide a better customer experience, at the same time you’ll also reduce the workload of your staff in claiming process and in providing information regarding a policy to the customers. This will help them to focus on other areas to make services more productive.

So, don’t just think to create an app for your insurance firm, just do it!!! It could take your business to the new heights of success.

Have a plan to develop a mobile app for your insurance company?
If yes, FuGenX can help you. FuGenX Technologies is one among the top 10 mobile apps design companies in India and USA. FuGenX is a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India & Fast 500 APAC award-winning company, which has developed more than 1000+ applications across all major platforms with the help of 200+ creative app developers. FuGenX also provides services of Windows and iPhone apps development in India. When comes to its expertise in the insurance industry, FuGenX has developed supreme quality apps for emerging insurance firms like Methaq Takaful Insurance Company and Prudent Insurance Brokers.

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How to Create a Strategy for Mobile Game Development?

There is no doubt that now gamers love technically fascinated mobile games which are not just richer in user interface but also with the logical stories. According to a report, the mobile game revenue of Asia’s continent will increase from $29B to $45B by 2018.

It is the indication of the humongous growth in the mobile game development industry and a profitable sign for the mobile game development companies. It is also a positive indication for game aspirants, but the question is how to create a strategy for mobile game development”.

How to Create a Strategy for Mobile Game Development

Michael Porter said, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

Let’s see the strategic Plan!!!

Choose a Storyline
The first thing which comes into mind while thinking about game development for mobile phones is an Interesting Game Storyline which don’t just excites users but also gives them a pleasure of playing. After deciding the game’s storyline, the next thing is the target users for whom you are creating a game.

But nowadays we are seeing an increased preference for simple mobile games by gamers. The best example is one of the clutter-free as well as famous game of the recent times “Angry Birds” which has not just created number of records in the gaming world, it also emerged as a brand, which turned itself into a multi-billion asset. The recent release “The Angry Birds” movie by Columbia Pictures based on the game is a good example of its popularity in the market. It is easy to understand that now the mobile game users don’t want complex games, which makes them feel irritated to score more and rub head while playing it.

Choose Platform(s)
Now, after plotting a storyline and deciding a target audience, the next thing is the development platform which includes the technologies and frameworks to develop the game. Firstly, you should be clear about the platform for which you want to build the game, which means you are developing a game for a specific Mobile OS or for many OS.

Choose Game Format
If you are a beginner to the game development field, then 2D game is the best way to start it and if you are already familiar with it then you should go for the next level, i.e. 3D game, where you will be able to build a truly highly graphics game for the unmatched user experience.

After the successful development of a game, push it into the gamers’ world that is to release it in the app stores such as Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

Searching for a company to develop a successful Mobile Game?
If you are planning to develop a mobile game for your company then you are in the right place. As one of the leading mobile game  and one of the best mobile application development companies in India and with the experience of developing more than 1000+ apps for global customers, we’ll help you to develop an incredible mobile game. We provide services like Android and iOS application development in India and USA.

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Past, Present and Future of Game Development

Past, Present & Future of Mobile Game Development

If I ask you a question that, “Are you using your phone only to just make voice calls”, then you will surely laugh and reply “NO”, nowadays you are not just using your mobile to make a call, you can browse the internet, purchase grocery items and even pay your Starbucks Coffee Bill, as well as playing games while you get bored. When it comes to gaming, mobile is the first preference of all age people, mobile game development is the first preference of all gaming companies.

Past, Present & Future of Mobile Game Development
Mobile Games Yesterday
On April 3, 1973, Motorola was the first company to build a mobile phone. At that time, nobody in the world would have imagined about playing games in the mobile phone. As mobile became an integral part of everyone’s life, even gaming took a place in that. Before the innovation of mobile games, people were preferring outdoor and indoor games more.

As the technology expanded its wings, the way of playing games also got changed. The first mobile games introduced in the history of mobile games were the mobile version of Tetris on the Hagenuk MT-2000 device in the year 1994, and Snake on Nokia in 1997.

In the early days of mobile games, the hardware of it was not much capable to support rich graphic games, and battery to run that game was also a problem, which is still a problem…………)

At that time it was just an another feature of the mobile phone, no one even thought that one day this feature will become a multi-billion dollar industry, and create a huge platform for mobile game developers as well as for mobile game development companies.

Mobile Games Today
The concept of mobile games totally changed with the smartphone introduced. With the robust hardware, smartphone is capable of supporting heavy game processing to create an interactive game interface for the user. We saw considerable changes in the gaming industry that were done through extreme R&D steps and market analysis. Smartphones are coming with better software and hardware functionalities with each generation.

We can understand the popularity of mobile games by the fact that there are billions of games in the Google’s Play Store. Now game users are not just limited to play games alone in their device, with the help of modern network technology, now it is possible to play games with their friends and families simultaneously, which makes it so much excited.

Game categories we have now:

  • Combat Games
  • Racing games
  • Detective Games
  • Sports Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Survival Games
  • Educational games (the list goes so long…………………)

Mobile Games Tomorrow
The future is always full of excitement, and the future of mobile games would also come with unmatched and excited futuristic technologies to make the gaming fully interactive and excited.

Now mobile game development companies think to break the physical barrier of games by using sensation technologies, in which the player not just plays it, but also feel the same physical movements while playing a combat game. Yes, this will be possible by making a perfect blend of physics and computer science to make gaming more realistic.

Looking to Develop an Innovative Mobile Game?
If yes, FuGenX can help you. FuGenX is the fastest growing mobile game development company in India, with highly skilled mobile and Online game developers with experience of developing more than 1200+ mobile apps and games. Apart from game development, FuGenX is also one of the leading mobile application development companies in India and USA.

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Future of Game Development

Game, this single word pumps the excitement in the kids, and not only the kids, even most of the young age people love to play games. There was a time when kids were waiting for their summer vacation to play the video games.

As the time passed, the platform and the way of playing video games has changed. Now there are plenty of platforms for playing games and unlimited numbers of game options. This has created a great way for mobile game development companies to build and grow their business.

India is one of the fastest growing countries in the gaming world :
It is not wrong to say that in the past, people in India were not taking the gaming seriously. But now the time has changed, in last 5 years, the number of gamers in India has increased rapidly, and it is a good news for mobile game developers, to develop more and more games for the gamers and take their business to a new level. Now in India, there are many companies who constantly focusing on developing games which are full of art, design, and technology. Also, now the number of gaming institutes are also rapidly increasing to provide a learning platform for game enthusiasts and it is a good news.

Future of Game Development
Past and Present gaming world:
Nowadays, playing video games has totally changed. If we talk about the past, that time the video gaming was not that much interactive compared to present time. But the question is what’s next?

As a premiere mobile and game development company in India and USA, we are so excited to give the answer to this question.

In the future, while playing video games on the game console, you won’t just play it, you will be able to feel it. Yes, you heard it right, now the game developers are not just focusing on developing games, moreover, they are bringing out concepts that could give real-time gaming experience.

Their focus is to maximize the player’s experience with graphics, audio, physical interactions, and networking, which gives a user a totally unmatched experienced like never before. In the future, while playing a battle game, you won’t just move the player’s body, you will also be able to feel that motion and the feeling of getting attacked by your enemy while playing it.

The combination of physics and computer science will turn into the result of a game with a real-life experience that matches the physical aspects of kinetic energy, life-like sound, and the collaboration of networking to play it with your friends and families to make it more excited.

Benefits for game developers in future:
We all know that if the number of users of anything increase, the number of its providers also increases. The same theory applies for game development and game developers. Now playing a game is not just limited to any particular device as in the past, now you can play games on your smartphone, tablet, PC or game consoles, which doesn’t matter what operating system you are using like Android, iOS, and Windows. This is expected to open a huge opportunity for Android and iOS app development companies.

So, from all of the above discussion, one thing you will definitely understand is that the future of mobile game development is so bright and more excited like never before.

So, get ready to develop or play more amazing games with more amazing gaming technologies.

KEEP Gaming!!!

Have a Plan to Develop Mobile Game with Futuristic Technologies?
We are FuGenX Technologies, a reliable name in the field of game and mobile app development from last 8 years. We have a fully dedicated game development studio and highly experienced and skilled mobile and Online game developers to develop games as per as your requirements. Apart from game development, we are the fastest growing mobile app development company in India, with the experience of developing more than 1000+ mobile apps and games.

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Steps in Mobile App development

What do you think how many apps are there in Google Play Store in today’s date?

More Than 1.9 Million!!!

Can you believe it?

Recently in a report, it is said that the Google Play Store now has nearly 2 million applications listed in their store.

By these stats, we can easily understand the importance of mobile apps as well as its development process. With the increase of mobile app users, there are also a huge demand for Android, iOS and Blackberry app development company.
Developing an app is not an easy task, it includes a complete mobile app development life cycle, by following which we get a mobile app which should be fully compatible with the multiple devices and meet client’s requirements. As a premiere mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, we explain you mobile app development process with 6 steps it includes:
What are the Things Mobile App Development Process IncludesMobile App Development Process Steps:
Strategy- First of all, you need to find the reason for developing an app, why there is a need to develop an app. To get where you are going, you have to know where you are. Same thing applies to the mobile app development process. Firstly, collect all the information regarding the mobile app which includes its specifications, clients’ requirement, and targeted users.

Design- After gathering all the client’s requirements and app specifications with a strategic plan, it’s time to move to the next phase which is design phase. In this phase, one of the most important points is to focus on the layout of the app. How a user will interact with the app, it means the user can use it on a smartphone as well as on a tablet (if required). So, the design of an app should fully be compatible with both devices. Based on the target user and type of app, the design should be. For example: – if we are going to develop an app for a school, then its interface and layout are not so bold and its layout must be relevant to education.

Development- We can call this phase one of the most important parts of the development cycle. In this phase, the actual app gets movements and all its functionalities start working. Whatever we want from an app to perform, all of its coding have been done here. Before starting development, one thing that we must keep in our mind is that we are developing an app for cross-platform or for a specific one. Based on this decision, we can easily choose our IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Each IDE has some advantages and disadvantages, for instance, iOS apps (built using Xcode) are so much faster as compared to another platform app.

Testing: In this phase of mobile app development, the app is tested for different bugs and errors. In testing, two types are there; one is manual testing and another is automatic testing, based on the requirements we can choose any of them. There are some popular testing software such as iPhoney, MobiOne and Google Android Emulator. By using all of these tools we can develop an app which is free from any type of errors, and run smoothly in the real devices.

Marketing- As we already discussed in the above paragraph that there are nearly 2 Million mobile apps in Play Store, then why a user needs our app, what is the new features in this app, which are not present in all previous ones. We all know that many apps released daily on the internet, then how a user will able to know that your app is going to be released and it has many amazing features. A solution for all these problems is marketing, by using various marketing techniques such as SMO (Social Media Marketing), Blog outreach, Email outreach etc.

Maintenance & Updating- After successfully developing an app, our responsibility won’t get finished. In the era of technology, every day there is something new for all of us. To engage your customer with your app, you must provide updates based on current technology market or other competitors. As well as, in the future if some technical issue will raise in your app then you must solve it to make your app run smoothly.

It is not wrong to say that mobile apps are changing our technology experience and increasing challenges for the developers to constantly develop best apps for the users. By following all these five phases while developing an app, you will definitely be able to develop user engaging apps.

Want to develop a successful mobile app?
We are FuGenX Technologies, a leading brand in the field of Android and iPhone app development in India and USA. We have more than 8 years of experience in developing mobile applications for all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry. We are also a leading mobile game development company in India. We have a dedicated game development studio to develop games for mobile, tablets and desktops. Instead of game services we also provide Facebook application development services.

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Windows 10 – Features and Specifications

Windows 10, yes, it’s a new milestone in the Microsoft OS history, which was released on July 29, 2015 publicly in 190 countries and 111 languages. It is not wrong to say that, from the day of its release, it started to set milestones, within just 24 hours of its release, in an official announcement, Microsoft said that more than 14 million devices got upgraded to Windows 10. On January 4, 2016, Microsoft reported that Windows 10 has been activated on more than 200 million devices since the operating system’s launch in July 2015. With the release of Windows 10, there also a great demand has been created for mobile application development companies for Windows apps development.

You Need to Know Everything About Windows 10

What’s New in Windows 10?
As we all know that, Windows 8 is the previous version of Microsoft OS, and it did not get popularity as compared to the Windows 10. The reason for its popularity is its new Features.

Return of Start Menu Button:
The thing which all Windows users were missing in Windows 8 is the start menu button, that’s why Microsoft has finally confirmed the Start Menu will return to their new version.

One 4 ALL Strategy:
The another technical advantage of Windows 10 is its common platform for all devices, which means whether it is a Smartphone or Tablet or PC, it will run smoothly on all devices, and provide the same features and a feeling of running a same OS on all devices.

Operating System as a service:
According to Microsoft, Windows 10 works on the theory “operating system as a service” that would receive ongoing updates to its features and functionality, throughout its development cycle and even after its public release.

Personal Digital Assistant (“Hey! CORTANA”):
With the release of Windows 10, to search anything by typing the words has now become old thing. The most amazing feature of Windows 10 is, through which you can search anything from a Nearest Restaurant to the current price of new BMW Sedan, by just saying it. That is the new feature of Windows 10, the all new digital personal assistant is called “Cortana”.

Enhanced Touch/Keyboard and Mouse Integration:
Microsoft received a lot of much criticism about the unfriendly integration of touch and the keyboard and mouse elements in Windows 8.

That’ why Microsoft has brought the new approach ‘Continuum’ and it’s an enhancement for a better merger between two different input methods. It also enables automatic switching between modes by detecting on how users interact with their device, whether the user works in Keyboard or Touch. The ‘Continuum’ provides the user unmatched experience by resizing the shape of icons and redesigning of an interface screen of windows UI according to the users’ device and its mode of usage.

New Level of System Security (Windows Hello):
Windows 10 comes with all new multi-factor authentication technology, which is fully developed according to the standards developed by the FIDO Alliance.

  • Biometric Authentication- User can login into their system by just moving their finger across the fingerprint scanner.
  • Face or Iris Recognition- Not only with fingerprints, you can also login into your system by just come in the front of the camera of their device. Windows 10 is capable of recognizing the users based on their Face or Iris data.

Now you’ll definitely fall in love with all new Windows 10 and its unmatched features such as “Cortana” (Personal Digital Assistant) or Windows Hello (Secure Login Feature) or Continuum (For better Input Integration)

But here is not “The End”!!!
“Windows 10 is FREE”, yes you heard it right. Microsoft provide Windows 10 totally free for all the users who have the genuine copy of Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS. This offer is limited to 1 year from the day of its release. So, if you are eligible for the upgrade, then go for it without wasting time on thinking about the upgrade.

Say Hello to Cortana and Experience the amazing features of Windows 10 today.

Hurry Up!!!!!!!

Have a Plan to Develop Windows App, iOS App, or Android App?
If yes, we are here to help you. We are a global Windows and iOS app development company in India. We develop apps that people love to use and share with others. We are also an emerging Android app development company in India and USA. We also have an experienced game development team who made them us a reliable iPad game development company in India.

How Mobile App Can Help Small Businesses?

The mobile device has now become an integral part of everyone’s life. In our day to day life, we all are depending on our mobiles to perform daily activities. We are using mobile apps to make our work easier. We use app to book a movie ticket, buy home appliances and even for our laundry. We also can’t deny the fact that the increased mobile app usage has created a great demand for new mobile apps and mobile apps development companies.

Is it wrong to say that we can’t live a single day without our mobile phones and without using apps? We can, but it is difficult.

Due to this reason, most of the business owners are using the mobile app solution to grow their business and to reach their customers. Even though the customers have PC with internet connection, they want to do it through their smartphone apps. So the mobile first strategy is crucial for business success today. Though some business owners are still thinking to adopt mobile app solution to extend their business.

If you still have a doubt that how mobile app can help small business, your doubt will definitely be cleared after reading this article.

Why mobile app is important for small businesses?
If you are one of those people who think that mobile apps are only for large-scale enterprises such as Amazon and Netflix, then you are wrong. It is completely a myth that only service based industry needs mobile apps for their customers, for helping their customers to place an order online.

Nowadays, every company releases their mobile apps to make an easy access for their customers to reach their services or even for updating them about the latest news regarding their business or services. Now every company wants to connect with their customers through a dedicated Android and iPhone apps – be it a local coffee shop or spa, which has given an increased work for iPhone and Android application development companies.

Now we are sure that you will definitely understand the importance of a mobile app for your small business. Here we present three straight points to make you understand that how the mobile app can be helpful for your small businesses.

To be visible to your customers always:
We all know that the people are using their mobile phones more compared to any other devices, and it does not need any stats. With the help of a mobile app, you can always keep connected with your customers or vice-versa. To show off your business, you need to give more focus and spend more on the advertisement which is helpful for expanding your business. But if you have mobile app, it decreases your advertisement expenses.

Creates Marketing Platform:
Mobile apps help to spread your business across the globe with products (or service) price, image, and user accounts. With the help of push notifications, you can interact the customers easily and you can reach out them with latest updates.

Improves Customer Interaction:
It is no matter what type of business you run, your customers always expect good service from your end. To be connected with your customers and to enrich their experience, you can also add chat window to the app to share real info with your customers. If a customer spends a fun loving time with your business services, then he will definitely become a quality customer for you, which helps you to extract your business.

Therefore, a mobile app is a fundamental material to reach greater business heights. Now, it totally depends on you to kick your business by developing a mobile app or just keep moving with old business and marketing strategies.

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Why Android App Development Cost is higher than iOS?

As we all know that Android and iOS are the leaders in the mobile OS world.

It is always a topic of battle in the blogs that why android apps development cost is higher as compared to iOS apps development. Here we, a premiere mobile app development company in India, have three parameters on that we find the reason for difference comes in the cost of Android and iOS app development.

Our Three Parameters:

Efforts in Coding
Hours of Work
Cost of Developers

Efforts in Coding:
When developing an app for the android platform, the developer says they need to put 45% more effort to write a code for the Android app as compared to the iOS app. By using IDE (Integrated Development Environment) such as Android Studio or Eclipse to write code, most of the code can be auto generated, but still there are lots of works to make it workable upon the need of a specific app.

Hours of Work:
As we know, to develop an app the developers write a bunch of Lines of Code (LoC) to make an app fully functional. If the time taken by a programmer to write a code is more, then obviously the complete cycle of app development automatically takes more time to deliver an app.

Because, the app development is not just limited to writing lines of code, even after writing a code for an app, there are further so many steps to be passed to finalize it as a fully optimized app, which must be error free, user friendly and run fast in the real devices.

Cost of Developer:
The popularity of the android apps is not hidden, with the rapid growth in the number of users of Android around the world, it is difficult for a limited number of developers to develop a large number of apps to serve a large number of Android users.

In a report, it is said that there will be requirement of 35% of more Android developers in the year 2016.

It means the competition for hiring the Android developer is too high, which directly influences the cost of Android app development.

Reason Behind the slow process of Android app development:
From the above parameters, it is clear that it’s a costly deal to develop an app for Android devices as compared to the iOS devices.

But another question is why it is a slow process?

The answer is here, there are basically three reasons behind it.
Just more code- The programming language used to develop android app is Java which is more expansive language in comparison with Objective-C and C, which is used to develop the apps for iOS.

Emulators are slower- After developing an app it is required to test it in a simulator to make it bug-free before running it on the real mobile devices. For that we need a simulator, and if you’re ever run an app in the simulator provided in Android IDE (Android Studio or Eclipse), you may have noticed that it takes so much time to install an app in the simulator and run it in that as compared to the iOS Simulator.

XML lay out- To make an app more attractive and user-friendly, the layout plays an important role. Laying out an Android app is primarily written manually in XML, which means we can’t see it instantly. While developing an app for iOS, we can instantly see what layout we are designing for an app side by-side in the IDE (Xcode IDE) during writing the XML code for layout.

Future Trends
Till now the programming for Android app is not so easy compared to iOS Programming, but in the future Android programming might be better, with the continuous update in the Android Official IDE (Android Studio), which simplifies the way of programming to develop Android app.

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